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Ultimate Health Recovery Program
By: Dr. Skip Hellen ND, CNC (Health Doctor)
 Rev. 8/1/2013

Congratulations! For taking this time to invest in yourself and your healthy future. This program covers many extremely important points on how to achieve the most valuable possession in life, ultimate health. If you take the time to master the principles covered in this program, you will have the most valuable knowledge in the world, how to become and remain ultimately healthy.

Note: In this "Ultimate Health Recovery Program" I will identify the important components of optimum health, explain how health begins to degenerate, what symptoms or signs indicate an unhealthy life path or behavior patterns, how to return the body to a healthier path and how to keep it there.

User Instructions:
The subjects are separated into important topics below. You may click on any of the topics links below to go directly to that topic. You may return to the top of this page, if you wish, by clicking the "Top" button at the bottom right of each topic.

  • Internal Biochemical Balance and Healthy Synergy
  • Biological Makeup of an Adult Human Body
  • Degeneration of Human Health
  • Toxicity & Malnutrition are the Cause of Illness/Disease
  • Warning Signs of Internal Toxicity
  • Symptoms of Failing Health
  • The Current Medical Model is Failing
  • Can Modern Medicine Cure Any Illness or Disease
  • Lack of Proper Health Education is A Serious Problem
  • Misleading Advertising
  • Dietary Supplements are Better than Prescription Drugs
  • Consumers are Beginning to Wise Up
  • The Beginning or Cause of Illness and Disease
  • The Human Body is an Incredible Rejuvenating Machine
  • How to Internally Detoxify and Regain Ultimate Health
  • The three main steps to ultimate health maintenance
  • Click here to go to "Detoxification Priorities"

  • Internal Biochemical Balance, Homeostasis and Healthy Synergy:
    A healthy human body innately promotes biochemical balance (homeostasis) which produces, vibrant health sustaining synergy. Everything works synergistically together to create robust health when proper amounts of essential needs are supplied which prevents toxic accumulation resulting in loss of health illness, disease and premature death. Proper diet, exercise and emotional stability are the essential components required to gain and maintain ultimate health.

    While biological synergy or homeostasis (ultimate health) is rare today it is attainable by nearly everyone no mater what our background. To acquire optimal health, we must first gain specific knowledge, develop the discipline and adopt a lifestyle habits consistent with the requirements of optimum health. Itís not hard but it is required. Health is like a bank account, when the bank is full of healthy components, we remain healthy, when it becomes full of toxic waste (trash) we begin degrading rapidly (aging) and succumb to illness. If the trash (toxic accumulation - toxemia) remains long enough, chronic symptoms transform into disease and death.


    Biological Makeup of an Adult Human Body:
    The adult body is made up of approximately:
  • 100 trillion cells
  • 600 muscles
  • 22 internal organs
  • 206 bones
  • 10 systems

  • There are 10 main systems in the human body, listed below;
    1. Digestive/Gastrointestinal (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, pancreas, anus, rectum)
    2. Excretory/Urinary (bladder, kidneys, urethra, lungs, large intestine)
    3. Circulatory/Cardiovascular (heart, blood, vessels)
    4. Immune/Lymph (lymphocytes, lymph nodes, tonsils, thymus, liver, spleen)
    5. Respiratory (nose, trachea, lungs)
    6. Muscular (muscles)
    7. Nervous/Sensory (brain, spinal cord, nerves, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin)
    8. Endocrine/Glandular (hormones/glands)
    9. Skeletal (bones)
    10. Reproductive (male and female reproductive organs)

    As the lists above indicate there are 22 internal organs organized into 10 system communities. These 10 systems are the foundation of all the bodyís functions and serve synergistically to keep us healthy. All together there are roughly 100 trillion cells that make up the entire human body.

    Learning how to work in harmony with nature and your biological needs by supplying the essential requirements and keeping toxic accumulation to a minimum is the pathway to optimal health and vitality. 


    Degeneration of Human Health:
    Human health begins to break down when the internal biological balance is disrupted resulting in cellular malfunction. Cellular malfunction results in organ malfunction which leads to system failure, illness and disease.

    The foundational reason for most, if not all illness and disease is toxic buildup at the cellular level and/or malnutrition. In most cases failing health is a combination of both. Health experts tend to agree that most illness and disease begins with malnutrition which then leads to toxic buildup. However toxic buildup can be first depending on many circumstances.

    Degeneration is almost always a byproduct of unhealthy daily behavior patterns or habits. For example the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a personal choice and is responsible for most health degenerative conditions in the USA today. Not only does this mean that ill health is self inflicted by choosing an unhealthy lifestyle but the ill effects of this lifestyle can be reversed in large part by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Yes! Thatís right; anyone can heal themselves by changing daily behavior to a healthier lifestyle and staying the course. The biggest battle in recovering ultimate health is to avoid turning the body into a toxic waste site in the first place.


    Toxic Accumulation at the Cellular Level and/or Malnutrition are the Root Causes of nearly all Illness and Disease:
    Toxins can be defined as any substances which produce negative physical and emotional imbalances in an individual. Currently we are consistently bombarded by toxins on a daily basis. There are essentially two kinds of toxins, endogenous and exogenous. Endogenous toxins are produced internally as a result of internal biochemical (life) activity. Exogenous toxins are from external sources.

    Internal toxins are expelled from the body via the lymph system, liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. As more toxins accumulate in our systems, enormous biological stress is exerted on elimination organs and systems. Over time continued toxic accumulation results in a seriously compromised immune system leading to organ and system failure. This scenario represents the classic domino effect of biological degradation (aging), illness, disease and death.

    Rapid or premature biological degeneration is nearly always the byproduct of unhealthy daily behavior patterns (lifestyle). For example, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a choice and is responsible for most rapid biological degeneration in the USA today. Not only does this mean that ill health is self inflicted by choosing an unhealthy lifestyle but the ill effects of this lifestyle can be prevented and reversed to some degree by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Yes! Thatís right; anyone can heal themselves by changing predominant unhealthy behavior to healthy behavior.

    Gradual accumulation of low levels internal biochemical toxins canít yet be measured by typical analytical methods. As a result most doctors deny the existence of these toxins. As measuring methods become more advanced, such toxic states will be recognized as much more dangerous to our health. Targeted nutritional analysis (TNA) is a highly sensitive procedure that measures nutrition and toxicity levels. Unfortunately, this testing is very expensive and out of the cost range of most, including insurance companies. This diagnostic tool however can accurately detect toxins and their location in the body. Fortunately these is a much more practical method to determine general health and internal toxicity levels, pH testing. Learning to master pH testing, accurate diagnosis and effective biochemical management could be the difference between a long healthy life and early illness, disease and death.


    Warning Signs of Internal Toxic Accumulation (Toxemia):
    Two types of illnesses caused by toxicity;
    1) Nonspecific illness
    Includes poorly defined signs or symptoms like headaches, fatigue, depression, allergies, bad breath, insomnia, muscle stiffness etc. These symptoms are very difficult to categorize, with infinite symptom combination possibilities. Many of these symptomatic warning signs are acid reflux, hypoglycemia, Candida, allergies, stress etc.
    2) Specific illness
    These include better defined symptoms or characteristic set of familiar warning signs, like migraine headaches, colds, influenza, arthritis, psoriasis, immune deficiencies, tumors etc. Specific illness is usually not only much more defined but more advanced and deadly.

    Today we live in an ever increasing toxic environment with no end in site. Never before has the human body been bombarded with such a heavy toxic burden of foreign substances to metabolize and eliminate. Moreover excessive consumption of fast food, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol continue to be widespread. Over-the-counter, prescriptions, and recreational drugs compound this tragic picture, taxing the human body far beyond its natural ability to detoxify or rid itself of these dangerous, even deadly toxic compounds. The body has only so much capacity to detoxify itself which becomes more challenging with age, but when this capacity is exceeded, toxins will be deposited within and around healthy cells, causing a wide variety of cellular, organ and system malfunctions and failure which we refer to as health problems illness and disease.

    Low-level toxicity from many sources can be near impossible to detect. Yet combined action of these toxins not only creates internal biochemical imbalance but can severely weaken the immune system, making the body exponentially more exposed to rapid biological degradation (aging), illness and disease. The warning signs of such internal biochemical imbalances are not generally associated with the presence of toxins. In fact, conventional allopathic medical wisdom is often without an explanation for the warning signs (symptoms), hence the standard diagnosis of "psychosomatic" ill health problems (hypochondria). These symptoms of biochemical imbalance or toxicity usually take years, even decades to manifest into serous health problems. With all the above it should becoming obvious that early attention to any ill health symptoms is extremely important to not only avoiding illness and disease but attaining and maintaining long term optimal health and wellness.


    Symptoms of Failing Health:
    According to researchers, over 80% of cancers are the result of unhealthy behavior and consumptive habits. Other words, most ill health problems are for the most part self inflicted. Below are but a few of the many symptoms that indicate ill health issues are likely present.

  • Asthma
  • Chest pain
  • Frequent heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Sore throat
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Obesity
  • Low sex drive
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Amnesia
  • Skin problems
  • Frequent aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding gums
  • Scalp or hair problems
  • Wheezing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Frequently cold or flu
  • Weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Frequent cough and/or sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Foul breath or elimination odor
  • Numbness
  • Sleep disorders
  • Swollen or inflamed lymph nodes
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid breathing
  • White, gray or yellow tongue coating
  • Allergies
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Low (acid) internal pH)
  • Back pain
  • Hearing problems
  • Heartburn or indigestion problems
  • Depression
  • Frequent headache
  • Rapid heart beat (over 80 BPM)
  • The above symptoms in and of themselves arenít a guarantee of ill health but an excellent indicator that internal biochemical imbalance is present, absent an effective strategy to resolve the foundational cause of these symptoms illness and even life threatening disease will follow. Some folks have many of the above symptoms with no diagnosed illness or disease. However one symptom is a sign of biochemical imbalance, so many symptoms are a very good indicator that the biochemical imbalances are more serious. A good rule of thumb is the more symptoms that are present the worse the biochemical imbalances are likely to be and the more the danger of developing serious illness and disease.

    For more comprehensive information relating to "Failing Health Symptoms & Formulas" click here.


    The Current Allopathic Medical Model is Failing:
    I donít like to impugn another profession, however it is very well documented that while the medical community is extremely efficient with acute injuries and doing difficult surgeries, it is failing miserably with chronic illnesses and diseases. Whatís worse is they know they are failing to effectively treat chromic illness and diseases while continuing to promote the very behavior habits that form the foundation of our most prevalent devastating diseases.

    Doctors are prescribing long term use of dangerous drugs which are responsible for upwards 750K unnecessary deaths each year and there isnít a peep in the news about this carnage. Itís true that these doctors arenít nutritionists but most know that these long term drug regimens are not in the best interests of there patients. Unfortunately, mainstream allopathic medicine is the puppet at the end of the pharmaceutical industry which effectively dictates terms and controls the medical industry.

    The biggest problem with this allopathic drug practice is that the drugs are toxins that add to the problem of systemic toxic accumulation which is the foundational cause of the patient's ills. Drugs donít heal; the body heals when supplied with natural healthy essential nutrients resulting in biochemical balance (homeostasis). Doctors donít heal; the body spontaneously heals when biochemical balance is achieved through predominant healthy living behavior.


    Can Modern Allopathic Medicine Cure Any Illness or Disease?
    I must restate that a cure or healing process of an illness or disease is strictly the province of the body and not a prescription drug. Modern medicine continues to use allopathic drugs as a primary method of treating symptoms of illnesses and disease. When drugs fail to produce a cure, radiation, chemotherapy and frequently surgery follows to remove the diseased tissues that are now threatening life. If drugs were able to cure illness and disease, the radical, invasive procedures such radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery would not be necessary. Drugs are poisons that ad more toxins to the toxemia (toxic accumulation) problem which disrupts internal biochemical imbalance, causing the illness and disease problem, not eliminating it.

    While the modern medical industry continues to develop at a rapid rate with new technology and becoming more specialized these specialists are focused on better ways to generate larger incomes and relieve symptoms which does little to reduce illness and disease. In fact, in most cases, allopathic drugs make things worse not better. I believer it would be better (perhaps not as profitable) to focus on better ways to promote healthier living habits (lifestyle), not making billions in profits promoting health threatening drugs to mask symptoms.

    In western allopathic medicine, early warning signs or symptoms are believed to be various organs failings; however what if these symptoms are indicator of a larger systemic problem like internal biochemical imbalance? Is it possible that symptoms like headache, body odor, vision problems, skin rash, halitosis, dandruff, flatulence, diarrhea, obesity, constipation, acid reflux, insomnia, muscle spasms etc. are all signs of the same underlying health problem, chronic toxemia? What if the prescription drugs and medicines that suppress a pain or symptom also impair immune system response adds to internal toxic buildup and possibly even compromises your overall health by promoting rapid biological degradation, illness and disease in the long term?

    Advanced physicians like Naturopaths, Homeopaths and other holistic practitioners suggest that early warning signs (symptoms) are a natural body responds (healing crisis) to rid itself of toxins and regain health (homeostasis - internal biochemical balance). In short, advanced natural therapies benefit not by suppressing the body's defense mechanisms or symptoms, but by cooperating with all these systems to achieve biochemical balance. So, the answer to the question, "can allopathic medicine cure any illness or disease" NO! Only the body can cure an illness or disease by achieving biological balance.


    Lack of Proper Health Education is A Serious Problem:
    Unfortunately, the 12 years of primary education most receive while growing up along with medical school, is void of the truth about behavior habits, nutrition, health, and wellness. With little to no prudent health education, we do get a largely inaccurate even fallacious representation of the facts and accept it as true. I makes one wonder if this largely erroneous health education is intentional. What isnít taught in the classroom is inculcated in the media as most think that pasteurized animal milk, highly processed dairy (hormone and drug treated) animal meat products are good for us as tens of thousands of advertising commercials propagandize us each day forming inaccurate beliefs about health and wellness.

    I am developing a course "Ultimate Health Mastery" which I will personally teach the subjects relevant to ultimate health and how to gain and maintain it. Seats will fill fast so should you have an interest in such a comprehensive "Ultimate Health Mastery" program, please Join Dr. Skips E-mail list by clicking here to sign up.

    When you join Skips E-mail list, not only will you receive, via e-mail, timely valuable health information and notice when Skip is speaking in your area but you will be notified when the next "Ultimate Health Mastery" course is scheduled so you can reserve your seat and your study materials. This course will be offered through varied media for student convenience.

    You may unsubscribe at any time you wish, for any reason, no questions asked.


    Misleading Advertising:
    The misleading and fallacious nature of prescription drug and medical advertising is even more disturbing but few have the knowledge to identify the difference between truth and propaganda designed to promote specific behavior. When the competition for market share dollars leads to unethical business practices people get hurt and die.

    Currently there is an organized campaign to mislead consumers away from dietary or food supplements (vitamins, minerals etc.) in the direction of medical prescription drugs. It is a concerted effort to frighten consumers into profitable behavior. For example, the New England Journal of Medicine recently published a report falsely touting the potential positive heart-health benefits of the extremely liver toxic statin drug. At the same time the American Medical Association claimed antioxidants like vitamin C & E are worthless in an effort to fight heart disease omitting the fact that they both have proven powerful, C - reactive protein (CRP) inhibitors.

    To get health active therapeutic effects from supplements high doses are necessary. One of the ways researchers are able to get misleading scientific results is to use doses that fall way short of required therapeutic dosages. Another way is to simply manipulate the studies to get the desired result; either way the desired result is attained because the intent is not to health or cure but to perpetuate profits. Remember, medicine is a business and must generate a profit to stay in business. If false claims are not enough, the political arms of government controls are properly greased to not prosecute abusers. This well documented evidence strongly suggests there is an enormous highly organized effort to mislead the public in the direction of medically prescribed drugs and away from dietary supplements and natural protocols that have been proven to be much less expensive, safer and in many cases vastly more effective in treating illness and disease.

    It is important to understand, if the current powers that be (medical & big pharma), who have developed and practice allopathic (drugs cure disease protocols) want to continue their stranglehold on power and market share, they must stop the public from becoming educated and turning to natural remedies to address illness and disease rather than allopathic prescription drugs.


    Dietary Supplements are Better than Prescription Drugs:
    The facts that the powers that be are trying desperately to cover up and hide are, many dietary supplements used properly in high doses produce a similar, beneficial biological action as prescription drugs at much less cost with far fewer if any negative side effects. The truth is dietary supplements used correctly in the proper dosages are safer, coast much less and produce the desired health beneficial result exponentially better than prescription drugs in almost all cases. Facts that big pharma and allopathic medicine want desperately to stay secret.

    The problem is using supplements correctly in proper combination and doses. Interestingly dietary supplements even used incorrectly produce far less sever or health danger negative side effects than their prescription drug counterparts. Even though there is a very small potential for negative side effects with dietary supplements caution should be exercised by consulting with a qualified professional before entering into any nutritional program or regimen. 


    Consumers are Beginning to Wise Up:
    Currently many potential patients are skipping the doctor and pharmacy visits and purchasing dietary supplements directly from health food stores or on line. Evidently the consumer is getting wise to the fraud that is rampant in the medical, pharmaceutical, advertising and related business communities.

    The medical and pharmaceutical industries are beginning to feel the pain of lost income effects of this consumer market shift. I hope it is becoming clear why the powers that be are waging this insidious campaign against the dietary supplement industry. Whatís interesting is the political powers are doing little to nothing to mitigate this damaging even deadly campaign against innocent consumers.

    The Internet and other forms of free communication are allowing the truth to be aired and cut through the BS. The trick is to distinguish between the true facts and the BS. Of course with freedom comes responsibility. It is up to each of us to protect ourselves from scam artist and those who choose criminal behavior and pray on the naivetť masses.


    The Beginning or Cause of Illness and Disease:
    Understanding the beginning or cause of each illness and disease is near impossible in some cases, extremely difficult and complex in others. However I will attempt to make sense of this extremely complex subject in an understandable format.

    The beginning and sequence of illness and disease starts with a wide range of triggering mechanisms which in almost all cases is the result of too much of something (toxins) or not enough of something (essential nutrients). Toxins are agents (poisons) that damage the human body. Essential nutrients are those agents that the body canít survive without like air, water, food, sunlight etc.

    Malnutrition begins with the absence or shortage of something the body needs and is exasperated by the amount of time the deficiency persists. Essential nutrient deficiencies will lead to internal biochemical imbalance as essential nutrients are required for proper biochemical and body function. An organ or system begins not doing its job. Much like a domino effect as the body tryís to spread the work load of a failing organ or system in effort to keep the body in balance and healthy. When other organs or systems try to compensate for other failing organs or systems, the entire body is compromised and an environment conducive to the development of illness and disease is established.


    The Human Body is an Incredible Rejuvenating Machine:
    The human body is perhaps the most incredible biochemical processing plant on planet earth. It processes literally billions of chemical reactions per second. All of which are innately designed and programmed to build, repair and maintain optimum health. The human body replaces old cells at the pace of around 10 million per second. Yes! You heard right, I said, ď10 million new cells per second.Ē So the next time someone tells you that there is no cure, the odds are they are wrong. There are a few degenerative conditions that the body has difficulty recovering from or repairing so it is even more important to not allow the body to become a toxic waste site in the first place.

    The bottom line is a healthy body is rarely, if ever, overcome with any illness let alone a disease. Neither your doctor, nor your insurance company, or anyone ells can cure your illness or disease. Only you and your body have the power to heal, restore or recover optimal health. Yes itís up to you and you alone. Only your ability to learn accurate information combined with personal responsibility, predominant healthy behavior and discipline will produce an optimally healthy, illness and disease free life.


    How to Internally Detoxify and Regain Ultimate Health:
    Internal detoxification is the first step on the road to restoring optimal health. There are essentially three steps to restoring optimal health. Health really boils down to a supply versus demand formula. The body needs certain essential nutrients in the correct proportions to sustain health and no more. Any excess consumption exerts undo stress on the body in an effort to rid itself of the excess before it becomes toxic and harmful.

    The three main steps to optimal health maintenance which I cover above, in more detail and in the detoxification portion of this program links below;
    1. Avoid toxic accumulation at the cellular level or malnutrition by consuming only the correct amounts of health revitalizing nutrient essentials. Click here to go to "Avoid Toxic Buildup & Malnutrition."
    2. Internally cleanse and detoxify to restore maximum essential nutrient distribution throughout the body and clear all elimination channels to ensure rapid evacuation of waste materials. Click here to go to "How to Internally Detoxify and Regain Ultimate Health."
    3. Body, system, organ and cell rebuilding and maintenance presents its own unique challenges. However ones the body is internally clean all rebuilding and maintenance efforts yield much better results. Click here to go to The "Human Body is an Incredible Rejuvenating Machine."

    The above subjects, combined at its detoxification priorities base, form the foundation of this program.

    I have developed a detoxification program "Detoxification Priorities" which will help get the process of regaining ultimate health moving forward, however any program or plan will yield benefits equal to the amount of commitment to the goal. So don't think that anyone ells can heal you, only you and your commitment to regaining your health will prevail in an effort to become optimally healthy. The old saying is "you only get out what you put in or you reap what you sew," these are 100% true.

    Now if you're ready to learn how to get back your vibrant, optimal health by internally cleansing click here to go to "Detoxification Priorities".

    For comprehensive information relating to "Failing Health Symptoms & Formulas" click here.

    For health restoring and detoxifying recipes "Health Restoring & Detoxification Recipes" click here.


    HELP! UHRI has produced optimal health step by step programs designed to guide you through all the challenges of personal excellence and optimal health acquisition. Take the challenge and become the best that you can be, then teach others to do the same.

    "Illness and disease are optional, choose not to participate" ~ Dr. Skip Hellen

    Important understanding
    Itís important to understand that optimal health can only be achieved and maintained when nutritional, physical, and mental requirements are met resulting in systemic biological balance (homeostasis).

    The following are the cornerstones of success with anything in life, make these qualities an important part of your life strategy and you will achieve excellence in anything you do. 

       Personal responsibility encourages excellence,
    requires personal excellence,
    advances positive action,
    strengthens personal power,
    promotes success ~ Dr. Skip Hellen 

    1. (Develop) a strong sense of self respect and discipline
    2. (Pledge) Take the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledge
    3. (Test) Complete the health assessment test (establish a personal health baseline)
    4. (Decide) Set a goal to achieve personal health excellence (optimal health)
    5. (Education) Learn health principles how to achieve optimum health
    6. (Heath Compass) Buy a pH litmus test kit, start testing frequently Ė keep a test result log
    7. (Manage/Adjust) Change behavior habits for best results
    8. (Commitment) Stay the course until achieving personal health excellence
    9. (Mentor) Help another achieve personal health excellence

    Since behavior habits and nutrition are critical components of human health and longevity, denial, shortcuts and misguided beliefs can be very costly not only in terms of lost monetary wealth but in compromised health leading to rapid aging, illness, disease and death. DONíT TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED. IF YOU DONíT TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, WHO WILL?

    The important thing to remember is consumptive habits (foods) will form the foundation of either optimal health or illness and disease. The old saying "you are what you eat" is absolutely true when it comes to health.

    Developing strong personal character (respect, belief, knowledge, discipline, commitment) are the cornerstones of all personal excellence accomplishments. Taking the "Declaration of Health Independence" pledges and adopting the behavior principles solidifies a vital first step on the road to optimal health success. These pledge commitments not only help develop the skills required to accomplish the goal but better define the path to personal health excellence. The second step is purchasing a litmus test kit to accurately monitor health progress. (see below for event test kit sale)

    Perhaps the hardest part of achieving optimal health is changing unhealthy behavior habits to healthy habits.

    YOU provide the Courage, Dedication, Commitment and Action,

    To get health help and learn more about ďMastering the Secrets of Ultimate HealthĒ and achieve personal health excellence goals, log onto the web site below. UHRI is ready, willing, and able to help everyone achieve optimal health.

    Litmus test kits are on sale for $10 (Events Only)
    (A litmus test kit is an absolute must for those who are serious about ultimate health)

    To learn more information on how to resolve health problems or achieve personal health excellence, refer to UHRI at www.uhealthri.com. Educational classes, programs, mentors and consultants are ready to help you achieve all your health goals including optimal health. Contact UHRI Office at - 714-969-1681

    Live long, happy, ultimately health and wise

    Dr. Skip Hellen

    "Death by Medicine"

    The above study was conducted by a team of leading doctors. It revealed for the first time that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the USA. Click "Death by Medicine" above to read the study.


    Ultimate Health Help is Available!
    Proper Health Education and Healthy Habits Form a Solid Foundation
    on which Ultimate Health is Built!

    Learn to Master the Secrets of Ultimate Health


     Sense proper health habits form the foundation of human health and vitality, shortcuts and misinformation can be very costly not only in terms of lost money but the pain and suffering of compromised health and productivity, early biological degeneration, illness, disease and death.



    Ultimate Health Research Institute offers the worldís best educational programs and courses on all the subjects relating to mastering ultimate health with ďMastering the Secrets of Ultimate HealthĒ being the flagship course covering all related subjects.

    For more information about the ďMastering the Secrets of Ultimate HealthĒ course and other ultimate health related courses, sign up for a FREE UHRI MEMBERSHIP by clicking the link below

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